Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My bedroom

I've wanted to do something new with my bedroom for a long time. I've been trying to figure out the best thing to do for awhile, but I think I've finally figured it out.

Inspired by a photo I saw this weekend (but clearly cannot find now for whatever reason), I am going to give me room an entirely new look. I told Rob awhile ago that my plan was to redecorate one room at a time in our home while keeping in mind that we rent and are on a very limited budget. I have ideas for each room already, and am hoping to be able to flesh out many of them with homemade projects.

Our bedroom has always bothered me. For a long time, we've had our mattress on the floor with no frame, and I have always said it's a little bit of Zen in the room, but really it's because I haven't found a bedframe I really like that I think will stand up to time. I found one this weekend at Nebraska Furniture Mart. The frame, head and footboards are all black.

I'm also going to add lighting to my room by putting some wall sconces onto the side of two bookshelves on either side of my bed. I haven't decided if I should use wired sconces and drill a hole down the inside of the shelves where I can hide the cord or if I will use wireless sconces that may not shine as bright. You can help me decide that!

I have some more wall art that I've been working on that I hope can add to the room some. My bedding is red, black and white and is full of circular images. I have decided to make something that looks like this:

Instead of dealing with welding and metal rings and all that, I found a tip to use needlepoint rings to replace the metal. Gorilla Glue will stick the rings together, though you can cut slits in the wood so they slide together and are at the same depth. I haven't decided if I will do all the rings inside the larger one, or make a wider piece of wall art to stretch between the two bookshelves. Eitherway, the rings will all be painted red, black and white. I have white walls, so I think the color will add something to the room.

I am moving a long dresser out of my room to be painted and turned into a dining room piece. I will likely move the other dresser out of my room as we rarely use our dressers, but live out of closets (or hampers in busy weeks. The dresser will be in our office, but will probably be re-purposed at some point as well. That furniture has been in my room since 2004 and has served me well, but it's time for it to be used in a different capacity.

What do you think of the plans for my room? Should I use wired sconces or wireless? Any other ideas you've seen that you want to share? Help!

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