Sunday, October 9, 2011

I was full of craft this weekend!

I've had a busy weekend. I started Friday night priming the drawers in the dresser I'm painting. I have one drawer painted and I think it's going to come out really pretty. I'm excited about the prospect reconditioning this dresser is going to bring to my dining room. Maybe it can hide some of the toys to any guests we may have.

That's only primed, but I'll share final photos when I finish the project in the next century!

I spent most of Saturday running around like a crazy person trying to buy a few pieces I needed to finish up some crafts I was working on.

My front stoop looks good, but needs a couple more mums or pumpkins. The straw bale still looks a little bare.

The pumpkins are spray painted in brushed nickel and gold. The mum isn't blooming yet, but should be pretty when it does start blooming. There's a corn stalk and some ornamental grass back there as well.

I bought the wreath at last year's Jefferson City craft show. I am working on one for the door as well.

I think this will make a perfect addition to the wreath I already have out there.

I have become pretty obsessed with crafting. I have this blog, and am stuck on pinterest (don't forget to pin these images!)

I think it's the fall backdrop. I wrote a guest blog for The Midwest Mommy (which you can see on Monday!) and called Autumn nature's perfect backdrop. I truly believe that.

I did two more projects this weekend -- one fall related and the other not. I took a simple hurricane and filled it with Candy Corn. In the middle of the candy corn, I put a small votive candle holder and a candle. I LOVE this as a centerpiece for my small table in my dining room.

The other project I did was taking a wooden letter that you can get at any craft shop and making it into a decorative photo frame. I bought a cheap photo frame (50% off this week at Hobby Lobby!) and the letter. The frame was black and the backing was black as well, so I painted the letter a silver to stand out a bit. Here's the finished project:
All in all a pretty productive weekend. I bought another large frame to hang in the dining room once I do get the dresser done (you know, next century) and am still looking for a giant clock to hang somewhere in my house. I've always been obsessed with big clocks that are decorative, so the next time clocks are on sale at Hobby Lobby (and they are this week, but I spent all my money on other things) I am going to buy one for 20 bucks or so that will fill up half of my wall.

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