Monday, September 19, 2011


I work as an interactive managing editor at a television station and as such, I'm an information gatherer.

Being in media is all about gathering in as much information as you can and paring it down to what's important. I'm not always good at that last part. I want to know EVERYTHING about the story. Even if it can't be told in 90 seconds. Which is why the web works great for me. If there's a video to attach to a story, awesome! If there's a quote we didn't have time for during the on-air version, there's always room on the web. The web NEVER runs out of space.

And that's where I fit. I don't always believe in limits. I think stories can be longer. I think lists of friends should have more. I think big. Not always my best suit, but when it comes to this blog, I think you'll love it.

I had an anchor this morning listen to a conversation between me and an executive producer about our new found world of crafting. The two of us are preparing for a craft show (that's a year away!) and have been talking about all the different things we want to make. His response? "Sounds like a bunch of craft to me!"

Which spawned this blog. I'm going to gather ideas and share them (with credit, of course!). And hope that you find some of them to be amazing along the way.

And as we recreate or spin these ideas into new crafts, we'll share those, too, complete with photos and tutorials and even an occasional video.

So the first project I'm going to work on this weekend is this:

I think it should be fairly easy. I can't find the source for it, but I want to use this as a center piece in my dining area. All it will take are some mason jars, tea candles, glass beads and some old hay-like material to tie around the top. Should take me ... 30 minutes for a set of three!

This is my plan tonight when I get off work. We'll see how it works out and I'll post some finished photos of it in my home.

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